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With its earthy aroma and taste reminiscent of almonds, oyster mushrooms are a friend of every gourmet and chef. This fan club has recently been joined by doctors who present these seemingly modest mushrooms as a nutritional superman among fungal strains. The producer Fungi Kultura from Tuzla has thus decided to establish its own colony of these mushrooms which reach the customer’s plate with the promise of perfectly organic and clean production behind them and a handful of medicinal benefits that round off their already excellent taste.


In the end, you don’t have to know anything about oyster mushrooms (except that they are a friend of every soup, barbecue, and meal in general) and yet you will get their medical and sensory blessings in the end. If you go to Tuzla, or the nearby village of Lipnica Gornja to be more specific, to purchase these mushrooms, you can also visit the local Catholic cemetery, which is a cultural and historical heritage site in BiH. Advertising is not even necessary for the nearby Pannonian Lakes, with which Tuzla has settled permanently on the tourist map of the region, and it is also worth visiting the old town district of this city.




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