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About the Project

Imagine a platform which can help you learn firsthand how traditional rural dishes are made, where medicinal herbs and mushrooms can be harvested and where you can get the best accommodation for hiking, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking down a wild river and the like.

Rural.ba platform will do this for you, because its mission is to quickly link you with a rural household from which you can experience the natural mysteries of the Herzegovinian karst and Bosnian forests, fish on pearly clean rivers, conquer the peaks of proud mountains, spend the night in a nature park or taste forgotten dishes from all parts of BiH.
As a project, this platform will present and connect rural households and related services in BiH with travel agencies, local and international guests, lovers of rural gastronomy and seekers after adventure and natural beauty, all under one roof.

Each trip to the seaside, river, mountain or forest leads through villages as homes of pure nature, excellent gastronomy, comfortable rest and living history. That is why the Rural.ba platform, under the motto Haj’ na selo, uses a traditional phrase to invite you to discover tourist treasures that sleep literally within shouting distance of your home.

The platform was initially designed to mitigate the effects of the covid-19 epidemic on the tourism and gastro-cultural sector, but it soon outgrew its initial purpose and evolved into a permanent solution for presenting the services and offerings of rural households. For them, it will serve as a shortcut to gaining access to different markets and clients, strengthening the competitiveness of their own products and providing an avenue for rational and cost-effective use of natural resources and attractions in their vicinity.

Since gastronomy is an important segment of rural tourism, the Rural.ba platform will also provide support in the full utilization of local resources in the food production segment. At the same time, local and international clientele will have the opportunity to enrich their quest for the best and healthiest foods by visiting local rural attractions and facilities which we have described in detail on our website.

The Rural.ba platform is the work of the hands and minds of experts from the Balkantina agency, in cooperation with the MarketMakers project which is supported by the Government of Switzerland.









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