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Health Is Essential

The situation regarding measures to combat the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19) is changing on daily basis, which means that staying up to date with the latest information and adhering to measures is crucial for health protection. If you travel during an epidemic, you must carefully follow preventive measures and hygiene recommendations to prevent personal infection or the spreading of the disease.

If you come from outside the borders of BiH, you can visit the website of the BiH Border Police to check for current information on the conditions for crossing state borders, preventive guidelines in the tourism and catering sector, public transport, etc.

What to Do Before Arriving at a Desired Destination?

It is useful to check the situation in each canton or region you want to visit. Some cantons and regions have a more favorable epidemiological situation, which means that certain imposed measures may be more relaxed compared to what you can find in the rest of the country. Check information on indoor and outdoor movement regulations, opening hours of tourist facilities, buildings and shops you plan to visit. In addition to personal transport, public transport is available in BiH, which includes buses and taxis.

Transportation services are provided by bus operators and taxi services only in compliance with the recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus infections. It is useful to carefully plan your trip and stay. You can draft a travel plan for each individual day. Choose the places you want to see and identify the time frame your need to tour a destination to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip.

Responsibility Means Health

How can we safely enjoy the beauties of BiH together? It is simple, by following the health recommendations that are currently in force and adhering to general measures such as the following:

Even if you feel healthy, keep a safe distance from strangers within a radius of 1.5 to 2 meters.

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Use soap and water. Hand disinfection is mandatory in enclosed public spaces.

Do not touch the face with unwashed or undisinfected hands, especially the eyes, nose and mouth.

If soap is not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% to 80% alcohol.

Ventilate enclosed spaces several times a day.

Follow the information and recommendations of health professionals.

If respiratory infections and COVID-19 spread rapidly, avoid enclosed spaces and large crowds.

If you start to feel symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, such as runny nose, muscle aches, fever and cough, take care of yourself and others! Notify reception or a host’s staff. Do not stay in rooms with other people, do not go on trips and do not participate in other activities.

Follow basic hygiene rules when breathing or coughing. Throw handkerchiefs in the trash after each use, then wash your hands with soap and water.

It is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose with a mask or scarf in all enclosed public spaces. The same goes for open spaces if you have a respiratory infection or are caring for a person suffering from it.

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